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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Passing Lives

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On A Water Taxi


You sat across from me,
on the starboard side,
just forward,
on the little water taxi.
At that moment
we could have been on Charon’s barge,
I didn’t care.
You were small built,
with tousled dark hair
and a casual beard.
Your eyes hidden behind
simple tortoise shell sunglasses.

I first noticed that rough dark beard
& then the thick dark hair
showing in the irregular “V”
of the two open buttons of your shirt.

So beautiful!

Sparks of white light,
the steel ring in your left ear,
& the silver band on your right hand.

Were you looking at me from behind those dark glasses,
or out beyond at the port side view?
Honestly, I wonder-
did you even notice me?
Where you wondering;
“Why does he keep looking at me?”

I could not help myself,
Your youthful masculine beauty
easily won out over the familiar harbor views.
Your form,
Your perfect tan.
A tan of healthy summer activity.

The golden sunlight glinting off the bleached hair
of arms & legs.
The soft wavering shadow lines;
faint tracings along your hands & forearms
revealing the arterial channels
shot through with your youthful lifeblood.


What of that sheathed body?
What of those masked eyes?
What of that unknown psyche,
or that primeval id?
Who are you really?


I know you are so much more
than just that splendid form,
visible before my eyes.
Are you good & true?
or evil & crude perhaps?


I shall never know you,
beyond that arousing frame.
You’ll never read this,
  if you did, you’d never know,
  It’s about you.
This poor jumble is all I’ll ever have
beyond faded memory of our brushing paths,
All I can ever do to express such bittersweet gratitude;
taking of you what I could with eyes alone.
How can I assuage my regret:
I’ll never know the complete you,
still, I thank you swarthy stranger.

                                                                                                Summer  ’11
copyright ASM 2011

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