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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Beginning

Greetings, I am simply another small voice in this vast place of no place; this web electronically connecting us all. Our world is smaller & smaller each day, we learn more & more about each other every day. We are all passengers aboard this spinning orb careering through space & time, all overseen by a Entity; a Power, a Creator, whatever word you may choose "It" goes far beyond language.
Today it is thought all humanity is descended from a meager few thousand individuals aeons ago in an  Ice Age. We nearly died out, but for a few hardy souls. There is more DNA variety in a tribe of lower primates than in all of us! We are brothers & sisters yet we fear & hate each other so often. We close off our minds to different ideas & interpretations. We create false standards & ranks to divide ourselves. When will we acknowledge the one supreme tribe: life
 From time to time I shall share my canted way of seeing our world through essays, fiction & philosophy (even some very poor attempts at poetry). I have a very definite view of the world, one I have much faith in, but I know it's only one view. I hope to be able to share my thoughts & beliefs with those who are interested as well as learn their views & beliefs. We may never agree but it is my hope we can begin to understand & accept each other & our views.

A.S. Merrimac

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