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Friday, July 22, 2011

Some delusions of literary merit.

#1  The city lights through the sparse autumn trees
twinkling like artificial stars,
leading the way to an imperfect man-made Eden.
Imperfect, yet awe inspiring still.

#2  Leaves like burnished gold
floating in the autumn air
against the silver grey of the sky.

#3  Black roofs speckled
with transient gold.

#4  Gutters ragged with shades of autumn
-fallen leaves.

#5  Gold toned marble
shot through with veins of black
and blotches of silver-
the trees from the 3rd. floor kitchen window.

                                       Written autumn 2010,
                                                  A.S. Merrimac
                                                                                            copyright A.S.M. Dec. 2010

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